Friday, February 08, 2008

New Blog Site

I am contemplating leaving Blogger for .Mac, so my new posts can be found here. See you on the other side.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

News From the Groups

We are about a month into our new small groups semester and let me tell you...God is doing some amazing things.

The Auto Care group which launched for the first time this semester is busying sharing God's love by doing oil changes, routine car maintenance, and replacing my front struts on the old Toyota. That's right, I pulled into their garage on Monday and rolled out several hours later with new struts and mounts on the front end. My '97 Toyota with 154K feels like a new car (in the front). Next month, I'm planning on replacing the rear struts. I think this is one of the best ministries going in our church and is a fine example of EMPOWERMENT put into practice. These guys had an idea and a vision for this ministry, and they are making it happen!

Last night, I went to our small group which meets across from the football stadium. They are going thru the book of 1 Corithians and did an excellent job exegeting Chapter 11, sparking some good discussion. I met many people for the first time attending this group -- this is the way it should work -- small groups reaching new people, representing the front door to StoneBridge life.

I read some excellent comments and wall conversation on Facebook this morning coming from David's group meeting in South Park. Needs are being met, the Bible is being read and discussed (book of Acts), lives are being changed, and true biblical community is taking place.

Our other groups for the most part are going well also. I know Belinda and I are loving our Couples group which meets tonight. The other couples in our group are keeping us young.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

Gray Monday Thoughts

It was a good day at StoneBridge yesterday with several new faces, great giving, and a good spirit in the gathering. Song of Solomon is going to be a tough series, but a much needed one.

The biggest drawback to living in WV is the gray, wet weather that is so common this time of year. If you could combine the beauty and cool summers in WV with the sunshine in Arizona, you'd have paradise.

Ryan's basketball team is 8-0. They played another team from their school Saturday and won 20-2. Two games to go, and I'll say it now, they're not gonna lose. (unlike the Cheatriots :)

So glad the Giants beat the wicked regime of Bill Bellicheat and the Bradiots. Down with the dynasty talk. The Cowboys are still the greatest NFL franchise of all time, and their 90's Super Bowl teams (who didn't lose when they got to the big game) would run these boys off the field.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Song of Solomon Series

Sunday we begin our journey thru the "Love Book" of the Bible, the Song of Solomon. I am anxious to get this series kicked off, because there is so much biblical wisdom to be garnered in this book. Our church is pretty much a 35 and under crowd, and we al need God's wisdom in navigating our dating and marriage relationships, and what to look for in a potential mate. Tommy Nelson of Denton Bible Church has a wealth of good material and study notes and the Song of Solomon, which we'll be using as building blocks for the series.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

11 More Months Like This One...

Our staff at StoneBridge entered 2008 with a sense of desperation, begging God to change lives thru the efforts of our church. We got off to a great start in January. I just sent a email out to our core group and shared with them what God did this month. Here it is:

- One person accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior thru the outreach of our Wednesday Night College small group

- Five people were baptized this month!

- Two new Small Groups and Four new Life Transformation Groups began!

- We had a record month of giving!

- We approved our 2008 Budget and added Kevin McCauley as a Church Planting Intern.

- We finalized plans to work with a Ministry Team of college students from Arkansas State University in March. They will be coming to Morgantown on March 15-20th to partner with us in various ministry outreach projects that week.

- A group of students from the University of Arkansas is interested in coming to Morgantown in May to do community outreach and help to promote our Sports Camp in July. We should know something concrete in February.

- We are finalizing plans to participate in Morgantown's Winter Carnival on Saturday, February 23rd, taking place on High Street. If you have ideas on how we can serve our community at the carnival, please let us know. We are going to need to put together a team of people from StoneBridge to work the Carnival.

Now we need 11 more months like this one...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This Seems Random, Can You Help?

So I'm cruising along enjoying reading the beginning of the book of Exodus, when I stop as this verse jumps off the page, (Ex. 4:24), "And it came to pass on the way, at the encampment, that the LORD met him (Moses) and sought to kill him."

Don't know how I missed this in my Old Testament classes, but what is going on here? Somebody enlighten me.